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Intellectual Property For Athletes, a company founded by former NBA player, Jerome Williams AKA Junk Yard Dog.

IP FAMBA is about making the journey of the amateur athlete successful!

From Middle School to High School, from High School to College, and for the fortunante few from College to playing Professionally.



IP FAMBA is a digital platform app and web based that is dedicated to the journey of the athlete from middle school to high school, from high school to college and for the select for, from college to being a professional.
IP is part of the DNA of the company, seucring the intellectual property for athletes through the use of NFT's to create for all a digital portfolio, or scrapbook of their athletic journey. For some, their IP will potentially become a valuable digital asset.

IP FAMBA has four primary offerings to assist amateur athletes in their journey...

IP FAMBA is here to elevate your game!

Get your IP Score, Earn through Sponsorship opportunities, Capture your IP through NFT's, and share your journey through Social Media. Join us now!

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